Haroun's “Aaron”  Tomb Visit
Haroun's Visit,  “As told by Wadi Mousa inhabitance”

This visit is one of the traditional rituals in Wadi Mousa. Prophet Haroun's tomb is placed on one of the highest sand mountains of Petra. It is a mosque with a small white dome built at the end of Mamluks' regime. The historical dimensions of this site are related to Wadi Mousa and Mousa's spring situated at the entrance to the town. The exiting shrine on the top of a mountain in Petra is 1353m high, towered with a white dome, contains a cubic building inside with a rectangular tomb. In the Southern corner there are stairs that lead to rock paths and a cave, containing the supposed tomb of Haroun.

People of Wadi Mousa visit the tomb two times a year , held at the end of August and end of Oct. People from Wadi Mousa , Wadi Araba, Taiba and Al-Shobak come riding their camels, horses or on foot dressed in their finest clothes. They bring with them olive oil and candles. Families that cannot attend the Visit Ceremony send Dhow (oil, candles and a piece of white cloth) with other visitors. People walk individually or in groups, and usually each tribe makes its own procession. The trip from Wadi-Mousa to the site takes about 6 hours, when people arrive to they gather near a water tank where they "wash ", "make wodou" in preparation for entering the tomb. Before going in, they humbly ask for permission: "Allow us, prophet  Haroun, to visit you… ". They then calmly proceed lighting up the dark path with candle light.

The man who ignites the light proclaims: “This is the light of His Name”'. While burning white cloth with oil, they read holy Koran and say their prayers, begging prophet Haroune to bless them and their families.  After completing the ritual, the visitors step back still facing the tomb, as it is believed one shouldn't turn their back to the prophet's tomb. Some people leave immediately after the visit to the tomb, others stay for the night and slaughter lambs near the tomb while asking for blessings :" Prophet of Allah, we ask you to beg our God for us" .

After the conclusion of the ritual, all families go back to their tents where they slaughter lambs in the entrances, singing: "Your dinner, Prophet Haroune "or "Alms giving for Allah and his Prophet and Prophet Haroune". Then incense is burnt. 


    Aron tomb from the inside

*Written by Rami Sajdi, Copyright © Rami Sajdi All Rights Reserved