The Acacia Tree and the Midianites

The above photo is of an Acacia tree near the Red Sea. Among the titles of Osiris was 'He that Dwelleth in the Acacia Tree'. The Acacia tree is associated with Osiris, Moses. 

In the time of Moses, the Midianites were mentioned to have had a priest by the name of Reuel or Jethro.  As the story goes, he became Moses' father-in-law. Jethro or “Shu`ayb” as he is referred to by Islamic references, was believed to be the prophet for the people of Midian. During that historical period, and according to islamic references the Midian people were associated with the Aykah Plant.

According to the Arabic reference Lesan Al Arab, the Aykah is a twined plant, belonging to the same family as the Swak Arack bush (a semi-parasitic bush growing on top of Acacia trees in the desert). It is mentioned in the Islamic tradition that the people of Midian were Aykah worshippers.
(Left) Anamah is the name bedouins give to the parasitic plant that grows on top of the Acacia tree. “Al Ayka” seems to be the old name for what the Bedouins call Anamah. To the esotericist, the Acacia tree trunk with the flowering Ayka on top represents the rising of the Living creational force from the fruitful nourishing earth. The Ayka plant seems to symbolized the holy spirit, the higher consciousness.

The Old Testament refers to the Acacia tree as “Shittim”. The Acacia tree was considered to be sacred, and it was forbidden to use the wood for any secular purpose, such as building homes or making furniture. The Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant were supposedly made of Acacia wood.

The Southern Arabian goddess of fertility Al Uzza, was said to have her abode in a sacred grove of Acacias at Nakhla near Mecca. The Acacia tree was sacred to pagan Arabs, who made idols of Al Uzza from its wood.

According to the book Kitab al-Asnam “The book of Idols” by Hisham b. al-Kalbi: “Over her (an Arab) built a house called “Buss”, in which the people used to receive communications from the oracle.”

The ancient traditions of Arabia suggest that the goddess Al Uzza resided within the Acacia tree : “Shajarat Samarat”. According to Islamic historians (Yaqut, and Tabari), when Khaled ben Al Waled was dispatched to cut the Samarah tree, he found a statue of a black woman “of some sort.”

The  photos show the Acacia tree's reddish-black gum sap dropping. For the occult the Acacia tree resin bleeding could be seen as the phenomena of menoraha-gia, the excessive flow of blood in the menstrual period of mother Earth “Gaia”.

The Acacia Tree and the Rites of Initiation

Visible to the eyes of an Illumined One is an upward burning flame within a man's body. The Acacia tree symbolizes the path of the fire spirit that rises from the base of the spine to the apex of the skull. Alchemists of the Middle Ages, who derived their science primarily from Egypt via the Arabs, spoke not only of the 'Fire' necessary in all alchemical operations, they also spoke of a “Living Silver”, a spiritual water, symbolized as a serpent of quicksilver. 

In springtime the Acacia tree is a mass of little yellow stars, brilliant as a sunburst, yet in the summer it seems like a dead tree. And so in man there is also the seemingly dead tree, the bony spinal column with etheric currents flowing through it, which are slow and almost imperceptible to the senses in a neophyte. But when the 'heat' of the Spiritual Sun is felt, and the 'living Silver' arises - whether it be by a spontaneous process in nature, as with the Mystic, or by the scientific alchemical process of the esotericistsí laboratory, as in the occultist- the “dead” Acacia is dead no longer. It puts forth branches and blossoms “above the threshold” of the door.

The initiation by fire is associated with the Lion's symbolism. The lion has always been a symbol of cosmic Fire, that fire force which pulsates throughout the universe and is the hidden life of MINERAL, PLANT, ANIMAL, and MAN. Once a person is in control of this fire force, man enters a life of harmlessness and purity. He can pass unharmed through the lions paw, because he is under the protection of the Law of One.

The heart of every civilization has been initiation, which simply means a great degree of illumination attained by a few who are more spiritually advanced than the masses. Initiation has been offered throughout the ages, and in many grades that were suitable to the races that received it. All forms of initiation have been divided into four distinct types: Initiation by Water, by Fire, by Air, and by Earth. The four elements are correlated with certain attributes and characteristics within man.

The Fire Initiation is centered in the Heart. The Initiation by Air, which is a higher initiation, is activated through the spiritualization of the Mind. In this New Age, Initiation by Air is required so that man's Mind would be his foremost instrument of progress.

In the days of Atlantis Water was paramount. Man was then largely a prey of his emotions, and by means of the Water initiation he was taught to control and transmute them. With the birth of our present race PASSION and DESIRE came to the scene, and Initiation by Fir predominated. For man of our present race is motivated more by desire than by reason.

The present initiation by fire is divided into three main steps. These are alchemically termed: Calcination, Transmutation, and Sublimation:

The 1st step in the fire initiation is CALCINATION; that is, making a burnt offering. It means laying the personal self on the altar of sacrifice. This is symbolized by the offering burnt in the outer court of the Tabernacle. Dying to the personal self is one of the most difficult disciplines upon the path. This mystic death is sometimes referred to alchemically as Purification, wherein one's physical body may be seen lying in an open grave while above his head stands a glorious rainbow of promise. By Calcination the meanings of death and initiation are closely interwoven.

The 2nd step of fire initiation is TRANSMUTATION by which that power which permeated the initiate's lower nature is transformed into soul power as permanent virtues. The cosmic fire force within man, the furnace wherein this work is effected, is symbolized by the Lion. This symbol is depicted in various postures, each of which is significant of a certain attainment in this Transmutation. Sometimes the lion is in bondage, and led by a beautiful maiden who represents awakened and developed powers of the soul. The lion maybe also represented as battling with a serpent, the serpent typifying the spinal fire spirit. 
                                                                                                 The right photo- Nabatean crowned human-lion shown with outspread wings typify the highest phase of transmutation and proclaim the fact that the disciple is ready to take the third and final Initiation by the Fire of the Living Silver.

The 3rd step of fire initiation is SUBLIMATION, the 'last initiation by fire'. In it every vestige of personality must be lifted and incorporated into spirit. The viewpoint of the initiate is no longer human; he sees and understands all things in the light of spirit. It is literally true that he lives and moves and has his being in spiritual Law. Alchemically, it represents the uniting of two lions or crowns, a red and a white, and through this union a stream of golden elixir pours from their mouths. 

In early times, when men lived in much closer attunement with the spiritual realms than at present, it was necessary that the monarch becomes an initiate before he was anointed king by using the Balsam Plant Oil. It was the mystic meaning of the lion in this connection that led to its becoming the principal decorative motif of royal thrones. The most notable instance of such decoration was the throne of King Solomon, a magnificent golden dais reached by SEVEN steps, a golden lion upon each end of each step. The number Seven refers to the seven spiritual centres awakened by the play and interplay of the cosmic fire-force (Lion).

In the Sublimation the initiate enters into the Holy of Holies, there to stand in the presence of Life Eternal. The ecstasy of the soul accompanying this initiation is beyond description.

Because of the greater dangers of this initiation, its nature and powers have been concealed from most neophytes.

As a preparatory stage to the trial by Fire, a neophyte is taught to purify his body, mind, and soul. The Book of Daniel opens with preparatory work pertaining to food and drink, from which we learn that Daniel and his friends subsisted on a vegetarian diet. The 'Pulse' mentioned is a leguminous food similar to beans and peas.

The Book of Daniel - is the biblical story concerning the control of the fire-forces and the complete subjugation and transmutation of the DESIRE nature and demonstrates the fact that the Work of Fire cannot be accomplished as long as one's body is nourished on such impure food as alcohol and flesh.

Esotericsts knew well that food and drink are vitally important factors in spiritual evolution. Yet only recently has the science of MAOI (monoamine oxides inhibitor) therapy, come into the scene to explain what the Book of Daniel contained. The Book of Daniel opens with preparatory work pertaining to special food and drink for those who will take the initiation by Fire, which is accomplished by the scientific alchemical process of the esotericists' laboratory.

The Soma drinkers and the Ayauasca brewers are also prohibited from taking monoamine oxides inhibitors such as ALCOHOL, YEAST, and MEAT when taking the drink. These foods are expected to pose a risk of a hyper-tensive crisis to the Soma or Ayauasca initiate if consumed with the drink.

In each epoch a new food has been provided to meet man's evolutionary requirements. The gift of WINE is described in the story of Noah. Occultists declare that the ''spirit of fermentation'' and meat eating were introduced to further the MATERIAL advancement of the current race.

Man became more material-minded as his diet consisted largely of meats, then his wine drinking increased because stimulants were necessary to overcome the deadening effects of flesh foods.

The two most predominating factors engendering FEAR in the human heart were the use of flesh and alcohol. By their use man lost his spiritual sight. They lowered the vibrations of etheric centres which interpenetrate his physical body, centres only through which he was able to contact spiritual worlds. His etheric centres thus Clogged, man no longer could see the glorious Beings who were his teachers and friends. He no longer could see those who passed into higher realms at death, so gradually to him death became a terror, and life beyond the grave became a fearful secret, which he could not resolve.

In this age, that we are in today, fermentation and decay should no longer be tolerated. Men shall then know the inward glory of Life Eternal even while walking the earth in bodies of flesh. 

Alcohol is a false spirit because it is the product of FERMENTATION and DECAY.


Samar or Samarah Acacia tortilis:
Is flat topped and its trunk forks near the ground. The bipinnate leaves are short, grey and hairy. Creamy white spherical flower heads appear in early summer, and the spiral pods ripen in late summer.

Syal “Acacia seyal Del”:
Is larger with a longer trunk, forking at a higher level. Leaves are larger than the umbrella Acacia, green and smooth. The flower are also creamy white, and bloom in the late summer. The pods are spiral.

 Talh or Talha Acacia raddiana Savi:
Is typical of the cooler highlands. It is Foliage is composed of round, large leaves and spines, but unlike the other Acacia, the pods are curved, not spiral. The common Acacia trees absorb considerable amounts of water through their efficient root system. They provide an attractive habit, which many organisms, plant and animal use.


*Written by Rami Sajdi, Copyright © Rami Sajdi All Rights Reserved