Beth-EL "House of God"
    The name Bethel means, "house of God," about 12-15 Kilometers N of Jerusalem. It was here that Abraham encamped in the beautiful pastureland and where the Ark of the Covenant was brought once here (Judg 20:26-28) because of Jacob`s dream (28:10-22). It was one of the three places that Samuel chose in which to settle legal matters (1 Sam 7:16), and Jeroboam chose Bethel as one of the two places in which he set up golden calves (1 Kings12:28-33). Bethel was assigned to the Benjamites, but they did not possess it, and we find it taken by the children of Joseph (Judg 1:22-26).

    The big question of Beth-EL:
    Why the Ark of the Covenant was brought to here?
    Why did Samuel chose to settle legal matters on this hill top?
    Why did Jeroboam chose to set his golden calves?
    What is the esoteric meaning concealed in Jacob's ladder dream at this point?
    What is the esoteric meaning concealed in Absalom death story were he was taken up between the Heaven and the Earth?

    Jacob's Ladder at Beth EL
    The following is a quote from "The New Age Bible Interpretation Old Testament, Vol. I"... The physiological key to the Scriptures also unlocks untold treasures. Used in this instance, the ladder of Jacob's dream refers to segments of the spinal column, and the Angels of Light to the sacred fire which ascends therein to the head (heights of illumination). As the life force passes through the several plexuses they each receive a certain vibration from the astrological sign governing them. Since every individual is differently constituted and in varying stages of development, no two respond in an identical manner to the rising of the spirit fire.

    "The ancients described Jacob's ladder as the seven coils of a serpent that reached from heaven to Earth. This refers to the Path of Initiation, which its counterpart in that starry ladder of the skies stretching from the Pleides to Orion.

    "From the cosmic standpoint, Jacob's ladder reveals the entire scheme of evolution. Egos descend from the spheres of God at the end of the Day of Manifestation."

        Rev. Maia Nartoomid writes:
        ''The Archangelic Hierarchies atop our macrocosmic totem or spiral or receipt are located specially in the constellations of Orion and the Pleiades. These two repositories of "Living Lights" are the capstone of our para-genetic and divine Life Stream Pyramid. Between the two major guiding Power Realms is a point of balance called by the Inner Earth Illuminaries, the Ulta. The Ulta, in more scientific terms is known as the pyra-radial gate... the mechanism which encodes the pyra-conic Light frequencies (emitted by the "Living Lights") into spectra colour/sonic bands. These bands are filtered down through the pyramid or spiral acting on and reacting with all levels of integration, until it reaches our human condition, at which point these are synchro-radiated to the bio-chronic field of the brain/mind complex. The pitch and meter of synthesis resulting form the matching of brain waves to the xgrams or program codes if Morphionic (divine)Light, determines the time ratio of our field of consciousness. What all of this essentially means is that the "gate" controls our perception of reality, and since "reality" is nothing more than perception itself, the Ulta feeds us our reality in a frame of limited quanta release. The Light of the "Living Lights", coming together at the gate creates an amalgam (blend) of the two Power Centers (i.e. Orion and Pleiades.) Emerging from this amalgam is a new form, stronger is "potential of force" than its parent sources.'' 

    Absalom ben David death at Beth-EL
    The story of Absalom'n' ben David death at Beth-El hold clues to the mystery of this ladder and the personality manifstation of Absalom the science of Archetypification that was used upon the land. In the biblical story we read:

    ''And Absalom rode upon a mule, and the mule went under the thick boughs of a great oak, and his head caught hold of the oak, and he was taken up between the Heaven and the Earth.''

    The story of Absalom all clues to the Mortal Archetypal form holder for the Abrahamic seed that Absalom spirit became of. The Revengeful and Rebellious story of Absalom at Beth El tells the story of the Libran archetypal form that the twelve astrological sign which greatly affect his focus in life. And the correlation of this solar plexus point upon this location and its two polarity energies manifstation also found in the Librans archtypal forms and the solar plexus found in the human chakra system and upon the land, and its correlation to a system of vertical dynamics. 

*Written by Rami Sajdi, Copyright © Rami Sajdi 2003 All Rights Reserved