Jerusalem, the sacral point for the ancient Atlantean consciousness seeding program

According to the Atlantean consciousness seeding program, which was laid upon the lands of present Palestine and Israel 12500 years ago, the Atlantean work was designed to amplify the different types of consciousness at seven different cities so to achieve integration and harmony among the people who will take the Exodus from Atlantis to the Middle East.

In this system, the area of Jerusalem correlates to the second 'sacral' chakra of the human body, in which the integration of the two opposite energies Left-Right, or East-West takes place. These two opposite energies manifest it self in our world in the differences between left brain thinking vs right brain thinking and Eastern mind thinking vs Western mind thinking. These two opposite energies is responsible for the phenomena of the constant differences between the Palestinians and Israelis and between other nations and from making allies and trading partners to the political differences of nations.

The main intention and purpose of the ancient Atlantean consciousness seeding program at Jerusalem point, was to funnel the energies of the souls of the inhabitants and to develop more mentally polarized people so they can develop THE PATH OF THE MIDDLE WAY, or even-mindedness. The Atlantean city planners and builders main task at this point was to utilize and invoke the energy that influence people to learn to develop the right alignment to their souls, which was suppose to results in increase in mind and brain consciousness. The Atlantean wanted a spiritual people who will keep their minds steady on God and on a spiritual attitude.

This is why the Jerusalem energy embodies intense Religious Fervor among the people. This religious fervor was originally designed to invoke people to become Saints and Devotes. The special virtues of the Jerusalem ray  are:

But due to the deterioration of the level of psychological and spiritual development of the inhabitants which started about 6000 years ago, the same ray type took a lower aspect enhancing people to become the worst kind of religious fanatics. All religious wars and crusades have originated from the lower aspect of this Jerusalem ray. The current crisis is a manifestation of the lower aspect of the original ray by both Arabs and Jews, as people came to correspond stronger to the lower aspect of the original ray. The fundamentalists of both sides are very connected to this ray. Below is a list of the lower aspects which are embodied by the people governed by the lower self at Jerusalem:

Jerusalem sacral point also holds some of the Primordial energies. This point is also strongly connected with the deep unconscious. Deep in the unconscious, humans process a lot of their shadows, their dark sides. For this reason the Atlanteans connected Jerusalem point with another geographical point which contains a high magnetic field so as to flush all the negative emotions such as Fears and Anger to the high magnetic field that spirals in an unti-clock spin to the core of the inner earth taking with it all negative energies. 

The Atlantean choose Makkah's high magnetic field to act as a mechanism for processing the humans shadows in the deep unconscious during sleep time and after death. For Makkah geographical location holds the most powerful magnetic field manifesting from its alignment with Sirius B ''Ash-Shira'' inside the fallen ''-ve'' universe. (Sirius B is considered inside the FALLEN universe along with Alpha Draconis and Omega Draconis ''Thuban'').

Jerusalem geographical point aligns with Sirius A ''Ash-Shira A Yamani'' inside the UNFALLEN universe along with the ORION ''Aljabbar'' AND PLEIADES ''Ath Thurai-ya.'' And the center point that aligns with Sirius C, '' a hidden star of Sirius'', which is geographically located near Al Wadjih in Saudi Arabia. Sirius C is between the two universes, the fallen and unfallen universes. In ancient Egypt this Sirian trinity was also represented by the Royal Family of Osiris (Father-God: Sirius A), Isis (Mother-Goddess: Sirius B) and Horus (Son-Superboy :Sirius C).

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the Ka'bba in Mekkah holds two major points in the grid of Islam and for the Abrahmic race in general. The energy field of these points was designed to clean-balance-harmonise the planetary consciousness for the Atlantean consciousness seeding program at the seven locations. Today this energy field is the most important mechanism for transmuting the planetary Karma of the people of the entire planet.

End note:
The temple of Solomon was designed by Hiram of Lebanon who was working with the primordial archetype Asheraah under the name of Astarte at that time. Hiram was asked to designee and control the temple building because of his knowledge of the sciences and secrets of the earth and its Primordial Archetypal energies . Hiram purpose was to activate a holy vibration for the people by stimulating the Primordial energies which demanded a great of Hiram's sciences and esoteric secrets and skills in the building techniques using crystal tiles, stained windows, sacred shapes, numbers, sound vibrations and colours.

The story Hiram Abiff descendency plays an important why great secrets were concealed with Hiram in the first place, and briefly, it is as follows:

''C.W. Heckethorne in the 'Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries', suggests that Cain was the son of gods 'Elohim', and this was the line from which Hiram Abiff descended. These were the ''Fire people'' to whom are attributed all sciences and the secrets contained in their use.

This superior race was supposedly destroyed by the flood, with only two exceptions: Tubal-Cain and his son, from whom was descended Nimrod, the Mighty Hunter, and in turn Hiram Abiff. It is likely therefore that this information is of great antiquity and quite possibly contains secrets of the science of the Elohim.''

The Temple of Solomon and everything it contains is governed by numerical values and representations associated with the Feminine Primordial Archetype most specially the Menorah- the seven-branched candlestick- and the Acacia wooden Ark. The Menorah, the seven-branched candlestick and the Acacia wood that the Ark was made of represent the secret doctrine of the Inner Earth with its creational primordial energies and the science of the seven rays of light ''Aton''. Even the word 'menorah' is worthy of note; 'men' is Greek for month and many words associated with the female monthly cycle. One in particular, menoraha-gia, is used to describe an excessive flow of blood in the menstrual period. The flow of blood and the symbolism concealed in the Menorah contains the secret esoteric teachings of the seven rays of light and the alchemy union of spirit and matter on the earthly planes.

*Written by Rami Sajdi, Copyright © Rami Sajdi 2003 All Rights Reserved