The Nomadic Bedouins of Southern Jordan

            * The Ammarin Tribe of Wadi Araba & Beidah ''Near Petra''
            * The Story Of Torfa Bint Sabbah Al Ammarin ''Al-shoushehs''
            * The Bedoul Tribe Of Petra
            * Aron 's tomb visits
            * The Aneza Tribe Of Wadi Rum
            * The Noble Origin Of The Hweitat Tribe
            * The Saidiyin Tribe Of Wadi Aaraba
            * The Story Of Feenan's Gift To The Kornub

The name ''Bedouin''- ''The desert dweller'' is a reference to a lifestyle. The Bedouins greatly emphasize linage, considering only those to be true Bedouins, who are “pure blood” descendants of noble tribes, still breeding camels and living in a tent out in the desert. Every grouping of the Bedouins, be it a clan, tribe or an alliance of several tribes, are referred to as a confederation ''The Ashira''.

Today, many Jordanians claim a Bedouin origin, but only an estimated 1% of the country's population lives a nomadic or semi-nomadic lifestyle. These people are mostly old and, unlike their children, unable to adapt to modern society. Caught between the harsh world of the desert and a modern world they do not understand, these aged Bedouins continue to live the only way they know how. They roam the desert within their tribal territory with their often modest herds of livestock, their goat-hair tents and meager utensils, refusing to give up their lifestyle for a cement house and a village life away from nature and wilderness they are so much a part of.

The Bedouins record their lineage with great pride, conscious of their noble origins as the children of Shem, son of Noah.


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