Ley Lines and Sacred Crossings

For thousands of years, people embarked on pilgrimages or vision quests to this region to seek answers to spiritual questions, gain inspiration, and receive messages and Divine revelations to guide them on their spiritual path. 

The power of such sacred places was recognized by Holy men, Welies, and Shamans, who realized that these particular sites were blessed by an unusually high concentration of natural energy. Such energy may have been generated by underground mineral deposits, flow of  underground waters, specific vegetation and animal life, regional climate, reflected energy from surrounding areas, or a combination of all of these factors. With increased human or animal presence, such places further absorbed and accumulated different energy frequencies, becoming unique places of power.

The Arabian deserts are criss-crossed by various old footpaths and tracks that form a network of lines connecting at specific points. With time the Bedouins marked all these crossing points (paraphysical openings) by standing stones and other stone structures.

The sacred crossings are power points which can be defined as locations or sites that are endowed with an energy, a force, a strength. This quality is related to a precise geographical location which humans have recognized in ancient times, whether through intuition, feeling, observation, or knowledge of earth's history.

The Sacred Crossing at Makkah through the ages.

In the past the first requirement of a ruling/dominant culture was to locate and occupy the naturally powerful centers of spiritual energy in the landscape. This involved the understanding of an old tradition based on an elaborate philosophy of sacred science that revolved around an awareness of an ancient knwoledge.  For temples were to be located at natural meeting-points between the powers of heaven and earth. This principle is now recognized by archeologists who have recently discovered that usually temples and old stones monuments are related to their surroundings in two ways: astronomically and geologically.

(Right) Edomite Obelisks or standing stones (or Asherah poles, 6 meters long) 

It seems that in some remote past certain energy points or vortices on the earth's surface were found to be conductive of cosmic vibrations. A specific vibrational field was created by the interaction of these forces which proved conducive to spiritual activities and a higher communion with other dimensional frequencies. It was at these energy points that sites for spiritual practices were often established, thus we find that standing stones (or Asherah poles) and later temples, monasteries, churches, and mosques were strategically placed at these energy power points, and were almost always located in some alignment with each other. These alignments invariably follow certain 'lines of forces', or earth energy 'leys', which appear to cover the whole planet in a huge grid format.

According to the accounts in Genesis, the southern part of Jordan from Wadi Al Hassah to the Gulf of Aqaba was called Seir. It is interesting that the Old Testament often correlates a Holy presence or the Holy Spirit with Seir.

From Places of Power, by Paul Devereux:
''The ancient sites of power were sometimes found, and sometimes deliberately constructed to mimic or enhance what could be found in nature. In either case, the forces of the natural world were used. And they were used for a variety of purposes, such as the promotion of fertility and for healing. But the over-riding purpos was the need to have gateways through which contact with spirit could be achieved. In the ancient world there were certain people who knew how to work with the physical world in order to create access to the spiritual.''

In the book The Sun and the Serpent, by Hamish miller and Paul broadhurst, observe that leyline earth energies appear to be of different polarities. They remark: ''One type was Solar in influence, traditionally in the Christian ethos with St. Michael, the other was Lunar, indisputably feminine and connected with the Earth goddess whose Christian counterpart was St.Mary.''

Ley lines and Al Khidr/Melchizedek
According to the akashic records all tracks and Ley lines were originaly installed by Lord Melchizedek, who established the Earth's templaric symmetry placing the 33 geo-detic markers, and building the original great monolithic temples and structures, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

It was Melchizedek (Al Khidr) who delivered God's covenant to Abraham to re-open the House in Makkah after the great people of Abraham were implanted to upgrade 'the peoples of the world' with a 'higher spiritual capacity' that was to assist in transmuting the planetary Karma.

According to Islam, Al Khidr/Melchizedek is the mysterious, immortal figure whom Mussa (Moses) encounters at the place where the 'two Seas' meet (i.e., the place where the mortal world meets the immortal world, as indicated by the incident of the fish coming back to life), and whom Mussa subsequently implores to be allowed to accompany. However, Mussa rationally questions Khidr's actions three times, and eventually Khidr, after explaining his (righteous) motives, parts with him (The Qur'an, Chapter 18).

Lord Melchizedek (Al Khidr) personifies the Man who masters the power of the Serpent or the Dragon. The lance or sword symbolizes the power of esoteric knowledge that can influence or master the serpent energies to which we are slaves. (The Serpent or the Dragon represents forms of accumulation of air ionization, cosmic radiation, atmospheric electric charge and magnetic field intensities.)

''From The Holy Sites of Jordan by TURAB
''Islamic tradition relates that Khidr is one of four or five blessed figures in history who never died as such - these being Idris / Enoch; Khidr / Ilyas / Elijah; 'Isa / Jesus and Maryam / Mary - but were taken to Heaven directly in their bodies (much like the Prophet Muhammad, during the Isra), and who thus can return to this world at will, and in fact Khidr and Ilyas / Elijah are said to meet during the Hajj at Makkah every year."

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