Nablus/Shechem,city of unified form
The Mount Gerizim threshold is one of the locations on the planet where the 'The Old Woman' or 'Lady of the Earth' could be summoned. These locations on earth are portals into the central of the inner-earth matter realm. These locations represent specific 'nodes' on earth's energy grid, which incorporate cross-cultural consciousness codes, Makkah being the major node for all the 'Old Woman Centers' on the planet.

    The Rosicrucian Story of the Corner Stone and Nablus / Shechem
    From 'New Age Interpretation', 1946, by C.Heline:

        "The Corner Stone which was laid in that impressive ceremony is described as a double cube, with every side inscribed except the base on which it stood. It is said that the first face of the cube was inscribed by Noah with an instrument of porphyry when the Ark was building, the second by Abraham with the horn of the ram which substituted for his son on Mt. Moriah, the third by Moses with a porphyry tool, the fourth by Joshua, and the fifth by Hiram Abiff before it was deposited in its final bed at the north east angle of the temple.''

        ''Enoch had placed this mystical stone in the ninth stratum of his subterranean vault, where it was discovered by Noah and used by him as an anchor to fix the Ark on Mt Ararat. It was the altar on which Abraham made ready to offer his son. It was Jacob's pillar the night he laid his head upon it and in his sleep beheld the angels ascending and descending between heaven and earth. Jacob bequeathed the stone to Joseph in Egypt, and Joseph commanded that it be placed over his grave. Moses took it with him at the time of the great deliverance, and it was upon this stone he stood when the Red Sea was divided and when the Amalekites were defeated. Again, he knelt upon it when he received the Tables of the Law in Sinai. Moses gave it into the care of Joshua, who built his altar upon it at Mt Ebal''.

    This Corner Stone is not to be confused with the so-called Foundation Stone that was concealed in the Holy of Holies. The Corner Stone's intrinsic meaning is the the Foundation of the world. Although Rosicrucians and other Masons believe that Joshua ben Nun's altar was on Mount Ebal, according to the Samaritan tradition the altar was built on Mount Gerizim.

    It has often been recorded that many of the ancient esoteric orders and mystery schools held initiatic ceremonies in caverns and underground caves that were said to be bowels of the earth. In some places, entire mountains were excavated, and the cavern was constructed with chambers and streets, supported by columns, and formed a subterranean labyrinth. Example of this practice are found in the excavation underneath the pyramid of Egypt, underneath the old city in Nablus, and under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

    From the holy land of scotland by Barry Dunford:
        "There are also stories and traditions from various parts of the globe which tell of vast underground tunnel systems located beneath the earth's surface which are said to connect up to cities found within an inner earth domain. certain caves, often in remote areas, are said to be portals of entry into this subterranean world. Even Plato, the Greek historian and philosopher, when speaking of the ancient land of atlantis, refers to mysterious passageways in and around the mighty continent and 'tunnels both broad and narrow, in the interior of the earth.''

    End Note:
    Energy centers convey the subtler metaphysical realities of which only small fragments have been kept alive among the Samaritans, Sufis, Cabalists, Rosicrucians, and Masons.

    One of these most important fragments that has been kept alive informs us that Mt. Gerizim is the location or point that activates what is called the 'Urim and Thummim', (Urim-Thummim: the genetic re-programming of the keys and codes of humanity, so that humankind may once again become the 'Adam Kadmon' of the original God-Made-Man.)

    The activation of the 'Urim and Thummim' is responsible for the release of higher forces coming from the super universe.

*Written by Rami Sajdi, Copyright © Rami Sajdi 2003 All Rights Reserved