The Galilee Mystery Schools at the horizontal East-West crown chakra meridian
 The region of Galilee (Al Jalil) means ''White and Shining''; it therefore signifies the place of transmutation. It is through the crown chakra meridian that the final integration of opposing energies occurs on our planet. The crown chakra qualities act as a link or function that is supposed to bridge between East and West.

    All Mystery Schools presented here were teaching the two paths of development:
    1)The way of the mystic is the path of faith. It was believed that those who follow this line of development could build a soul-body purer than snow and whiter than milk.
    2)The way of the occultist was considered as the path of knowledge and good works. Its followers demanded an answer to all matters in doubt, and required that intellect be satisfied before the heart may speak.

    All the esoteric groups and Mystery Schools that will be discussed in this article lie on the same vertical meridian line as in the above photo. They were all teaching 'The Two Path Development of Left and Right Brain'', as they were all aware of the blending qualities of the crown chakra rays of their locations on land.

    Below are the names of the Mystery Schools (see above) that are located along the white line according to chronological order:

    Gadara 'Um Qais' (Ancient Joutthal, the era 3555 B.C):
    The ancient Greek city of Gadara lies east of the white line (right side on the above satellite map) of the East-West earth horizontal crown chakra energy meridian. Gadara (present name Um Qais) was built on top of an even more ancient city called Joutthal in which the Mystery school of Onnas first started. The Greeks were working with 'The Mystery of Egypt', and it was from the spiritual mysteries of Egypt, the Mystery Schools of Onnas, and The Essenic Mystery School of Mt Carmel that the Greeks received their knowledge.

    Mount Carmel 'Jebel Mar Elyas' (Ancient Jophirhadzidakal the era 1386 B.C):
    In ancient times Mount Carmel was the centre of an ancient mystic tradition which established the seed of what became known as the Essene Brotherhood and the communities that then existed in the Greek and Roman cultures.

    The Mt Carmel Mystery School was teaching astrology, numerology, and reincarnation, plus other subjects. The school was started at Mt. Carmel during the physical participation (on the inner planes) of Elyas-Elijah is around 1386 B.C by a man called 'Japhael' who was believed to be from Scotland. (Read; The holy land of Scotland by Barry Danford.) He came along with six other families from Scotland and another five families from the Fortingall area. They were originally from the Shepherd Kings of Egypt who were expelled from Egypt before the Exodus of Moses, and were known in history as the Hyksos.

    Nazareth 'Al Nasirah' (Nasreyh the era 20 B.C):
    Nazareth was the centre of an esoteric group called 'The Nazara'. They were still in possession of the inner teachings (concerning things of the spirit) which established the seed of what became known as Nazara. The group was similar to the Essenes who abstained from wine and strong drink. According to the Bible (Number 6:3) they were commanded to abstain from wine because the spirit of fermentation is active within them. They spoke Hebrew/Aramaic and were related racially to the Phoenicians.

*Written by Rami Sajdi, Copyright © Rami Sajdi 2003 All Rights Reserved