The Invisible Neutral World

    Neutral is the Love in Religion, Zero or Infinity in Mathematics,

    the Moral Laws in human society, the Natural Laws in Nature.

The Invisible Neutral World is home of the Divine Creational Energies, It is the force behind making everything a success. The Neutral World is the Energy World of the Creation.

Neutral forces Loves everything equally, respects all existence. It is the great force to guide all things smoothly and naturally. It is never at rest. It just proceeds toward what is necessary according to the perfect model order for the sake of stability of existence.

This Neutral forces could be looked at as also the higher mind behind everything Good. It is the mind of the parents who take care of their children. It is the mind of the people who wish to keep a stable, peaceful and a better society. This Higher mind is the efforts of scientists to develop sciences and technology. It is the activity of social movements to keep Nature and the environment in balance in respect to nature and to promote the well being of human society. It is also the philosophical mind trying to find fundamental truth, and it is the true religions that saves those people who are suffering from Ignorance and confusions and to guide them to the right way.

These Neutral forces likes its work to be well done. The Neutral forces are constantly dipping them selves in the Zero World as a source of their life forces and the origin of their joyful energies. This Zero state can only be accessed from the Neutral state, it is the place were The One God reside.

When we make it a rule to maintain Neutral state as part of our life, it can be considered Neutral life. Neutral life opens the way allowing to touch the Zero World and to make the most use of this privilege.

The Invisible Neutral world is very dynamic and active and full of energy, it is the energy world of the Neutral dimension that connect the Zero World and the Existing World. In the Zero state, all information, spaces, time, particles and energy are integrated into oneness to represent the state of perfection.

The information and knowledge contained in the Neutral zone is wondrous. This amazing wealth of information and knowledge includes the history of humanity on Earth, healing energies of light-body and physical body, and functions of control and balancing on our physical ever day life and realities.

The Neutral World is located in the other dimensional space but still it is in our physical 3ed dimensional space. There are few people in this physical world who are activating two or more levels of their consciousness: who have open heart and love to access the higher levels of consciousness, enlightened state of consciousness..

The Neutral Way is one of the ways for all existences to stay with The Neutral World and reach stability of perfection.

This state also gives assistance for the purpose of preservation, evolution and freshness in following the way of eternal perfection.

The Nine Great Fundamental Enneadic Forces and Energies
(The Group of Nine)

The Group of Nine' is the basis for understanding the entire body of the ancient Great Ennead-Fulcrum* Philosophy, and therefore the Neutral Zone. They are represented in the ancient Sacred Archetypes, the Ismems, the Primordial Archetypes through which the Earth's early archetypal patterns were established. They are the Egyptian Neteroo who also formed an Ennead around Aton "the most hidden and unknown one"; they are the nine forces and energies that caused the creation of our existence. The Cabbala refers to the Nine as legions of Angels about the throne of God "the hidden god". and in Hindu mythology we find the nine Cobras of Brahma. The Ennead is the Group of Nine.

The Eight Primordial ENEEADic Archetypes are:

Ether - ''Light'' - Aah
Air ''Wind''-Hah
Fire ''Spirit''-Rah
Wood ''Plant''-Mah
Water ''Humidity''- Lah
Earth ''Minerals''- Omm
P.Metal ''Matter''-Muu
Vacuum ''Darkness''' - Umm
The Big Spirit - "Unknown and Most Hidden"

The Ennead provides an accurate guide to the movement of the life energy, in nature and in human affairs. Derived from the law of endless change, it sheds on past understandings and future probabilities, and is surprisingly accurate in understanding social and political destinies, such as the Middle East conflict.

4 Forces of the Universe and 4 forces of the Earth Alchemical + the Creator God. The 8+1 Archetypal phases, or stages of transformation, can be summarized as follows: God "most unknown and hidden to us" Ether, Air, Fire, Wood, Water, Earth, Metal, Vacuum.
4 Forces of the Universe and 4 forces of the Earth Alchemical + the Creator God. The 8+1 Archetypal phases, or stages of transformation, can be summarized as follows: God "most unknown and hidden to us" Ether, Air, Fire, Wood, Water, Earth, Metal, Vacuum. 

These are the Invisible forces that shape human and world events.

The Octahedron shape or structure represents the state of Neutral perfection, and thus the Ennead. The Octahedron represents the crystal lattice structure of the hardest Diamonds found in nature. In the science of crystallography, the harder a crystal the more its form tends to show the geometrical pattern of the octahedron. In this context, the Diamond would contain the Divine-spirit of greatest purity, revealing itself in characteristics and form as Octahedron.

The Octahedron shape has Eight Faces oriented to different sides. Each of the 8 sides should be looked at as 8 triangels (tetrahedrons) forming the diamond shape Octahedron. It is these 8 tetrahedrons inside the Octahedron that have come to symbolize the 8 origins and the basis of all creation.

Each tetrahedron has one hidden angle which is unified at the center point that we will call the Zero point. This is the most Unknown and Hidden.

From this point of view, the tetrahedrons are the basic units of 8 origins (Prymordials), and will be integrated into one unified form of the Octahedron. Furthermore, this unification of the 8 origins symbolized by the Octahedron shape would thereafter constantly and firmly influence all units of existence to maintain that regular pattern to be followed by the Next Generations (The New World).

In the realm of the above Platonic shapes, only the Cube can be divided into smaller cubes of the same scaled-down proportional shapes. As a result, a total of 8 smaller cubes will be formed at any time.

    So the Cube is likely to be infinitely divided in a similar way, thereby representing the 8+1 origins hierarchy system of the 3D material world.

Consistent with this system, the Octahedron can likewise undergo a successive division, NOT of the same scaled-down proportional shapes, but in tetrahedron shapes. As a result a total of 8 smaller tetrahedrons will be formed at any time. So the tetrahedron is likely thereby to represent the simplest basic geometrical structure whose intrinsic qualities would contribute to maintaining the most fundamental orders and secrets of all existence.

The Octahedron or Double Pyramid is the most compressed or the densest form. It occupies the smallest percentage of the volume that encloses it. So the densest forms of matter, minerals and crystals, tend to Octahedral or related forms. The Octahedron is the imprisoned fire of the seed which symbolically represents the Soul (Salt) of the Big Spirit and the invisible creative power, the source of all life, God of the Great Deep and the Underworld.
In the microcosm the Octahedron signifies the Womb. 

    *What is FULCRUM? Fulcrum is a name given to a projection through time on the planet Earth that was begun by the ENNEAD. FULCRUM then, is the complete function by the ENNEAD.. The purpose of FULCRUM is: To create quantums of accelerated knowledge within humanity, working in coordination with the natural 100th Monkey law of connectiveness, i.e.: understanding quantum leaps through humanity once a certain number of Earth souls relates to that understanding and physically applies it in some way. FULCRUM carries this further in bringing specific situations forward to allow for a more ordered revelation and use of this quantum power.

What I know about the Tetragrammation in connection to 
Gods divine names so far...and the old hermitic Arabic knowledge?
3x3x3=9x3=27 “the 3 Divine most unknown”
27+10 =37 “the 10 Divine light emanations which arrange the blueprint of life -called Deca-Delta system”

37x(3X1) = 111
37x(3X2) = 222
37x(3X3) = 333
37x(3X4) = 444
37x(3X5) = 555
37x(3X6) = 666
37x(3X7) = 777
37x(3X8) = 888
37x(3X9) = 999
The Arabic alphabet includes 28 basic letters. Because all letters usually stand for consonants, it is classified as an abjad.
An abjad is a type of writing system in which each symbol always or usually stands for a consonant; the reader must supply the appropriate vowel. 

All known abjads belong to the Semitic family of scripts. These scripts are thought to derive from the PROTO_SINATIC alphabet which is thought to derive from EGYPTIAN HIEROGLOPHS. The abjad was significantly simpler than the earlier hieroglyphs. 

What is Geomatria?
Geomatria is a system of assigning numerical value to a word or phrase, in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other. In the Arabic Abjadi system, the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, alif, is used to represent 1; the second letter, bāʼ, is used to represent 2, etc. Individual letters also represent 10's and 100's: yāʼ for 10, kāf for 20, qāf for 100, etc.

The word "abjad" itself derives from the first four letters in the  Phoenician alphabet, Aramic alphabet, Hebrew alphabet etc. 
The sacred names should comprised of the three sacred letters in sequence to the above numbers (I think). The Tetragrammation seems to about the DNA Amino Acids like Adenine, Guanine, Thymine, and CYTOSINE.
In the Arabic the 222 would  represented by the Bah holding no.2 the Amino acid-Glycine +the Kaf holding no. 20 the Aspartic Acid+the Rah no.200 the Histidine.............2+20=200=222 (Baqi the Eternal + Kafi the Sufficient + Rabb the Lord = 222)

Above letters of the Hebrew Alphabet with their respective number and Amino acid correspondence according to the book of knowledge (the arabic is hand written by me next to hebrew).

*Much of this page was inspired by Ludmila knwolegde from the Onnuri Medicine of Dr Park Jae Woo.
*Written by Rami Sajdi, 2003. Copyright © Rami Sajdi All Rights Reserved

   Being a Witness: Being in the Neutral-zone, 
as indicated by the 'Basmallah' and the Holy Quran
By Nadah

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