Since the time of the second lesser deluge of 5115 B.C:

It is believed that the Atlantean-Milchizedek Priests at the time of the second lesser deluge of 5115 B.C, worked at reinforcing the tribal-nomadic social structure for many reasons. Mostly they thought that the only way to preserve the ancient Atlantean “advanced human civilization” knowledge is to raise new tribal social orgnization and nomadic lifestyle for certain people, so they can be able carry such knowledge in an oral format ...........through legends, mythology, and other sacred rites and shamanic techniques and many other tribal formats.

And it seems that the people of Noah was the main holder for such Atlantian's oral traditions.  And from history books we know that descedants of Noah's Tribe spread throughout the middle of the eastern hemisphere from Mount Ararat in Armenia to Egypt, holding these Atlantean Knowledge in an oral tribal format. (Only after 2345 B.C. the DESCENDANTS OF NOAH began to populate the region of the Middle East. They were known in history by the Hittites and the Hurrians who made a big tribal alliance later in time at the eve of the Bronze age)

*The Arameans who’s Abraham grandfathor belongs originated from the Hurrians. The circassians are also desendants of the Hittite. Today all Bedouins and most Arabs trace their lineage with great pride to the children of Shem, son of Noah.

*The Hittites, descendants of the tribe of Japhet ben Noah, finally settled in Canaan. The same Hittites that Abraham the Aramean bought the cave from in Hebron for his wife Sarah. Today the Circassians are descendant of Japhet so as most of the Europians and the Scotish.

*The Canaanites and the Phoenicians, were descendants of the tribe of Ham ben Noah.

It seems that these tribes came from Asia Minor to the north west region of the Arabian Peninsula, mainly to graze their herds and to hunt and domesticate wild Camels down the Camel's ancestoral migration route (from central Asia to Arabia.) Must read: Animal Track lines. Another reason for heading south was for the hunting and domestication of the Ibex, the mountain goat, that inhabits the highlands of north west Arabia. The Nubian mountain Ibex “wild Goat” was important in bringing about the domesticated goat as we know it today, along with the Cuccasian Ibex.

The Shepherd Kings were known in history as the Hyksos. Hyksos is derived from the Egyptian word 'hyk' meaning prince, and 'sos' or 'shasu' denoting pastoral shepherds.

The Hyksos were the source of the new horse-drawn war-chariots introduced to Egypt in the second half of the Hyksos rule. This invention, never seen before in Egypt, was instrumental in the continued power of the Hyksos in this region.

The HYKSOS took advantage of the then weakened peoples and governments of the region, and extended their influence into Egypt, where they stayed until their expulsion, circa 1575 B.C.

During this period, two very important external influences were exerted on Egypt making possible new methods of warfare and overwhelming military superiority: the two-wheeled horse-drawn chariot, and the compound bow.

The Hyksos did eventually utilize superior bronze weapons, chariots, and composite bows to help them take control of Egypt, and by about 1720 BC they had grown strong enough, at the expense of the Middle Kingdom kings, to gain control of Avaris in the north eastern Delta. This site eventually became the capital of the Hyksos kings, yet within 50 years they had also managed to take control of the important Egyptian city of Memphis.

Manetho, the famous wise historian of ancient times, tells us that these kings ruled for many years, and that Egypt was indebted to them for much useful knowledge and a great expansion of artistic endeavor.

*Noah had a daughter whose subsequent lineage developed in Medianites, Kassites, and the people of Cush, Ethiopia, and Abyssinia.

With time the descendants of Noah's tribe, who evolved as Bedouin tribes were holding Genetic Matrix of the ''Star Trinty''( Orion, Pleadis, Sirius), intermingled also with the Nomads, of the Nephlims, who were NOT holding the Genatic Matrix of this 'Star Trinity' as Noah tribes.

So how were the Nepphilims

The Nephilims were once angelic beings living trapped in an imperfect form. As they sought a means of escape, they began to manipulate with genetics of the Human Race without any emotional or heart involvement.

This was Some of them hold the Nephilimic Genatic Matrix from Antares, in the constellation of Scorpio. (The constellation of Scorpio considered inside the FALLEN universe along with alpha Draconis and Omega Draconis ''Thuban'').......It was after the second deluge of 5115 B.C. that the descendants of Noah's tribe became mixed with the two polarity Genatic Matrix.

Later in time which made things .......worse was the intermingling of the Noah tribes “the Shepherds kings” with the Nomads of the Tigris River, and especially during the Summerian-Assyrians time period.....this is the time period which trapped the Atlanteans' DNA helix, in the same limited plane and magnetic field of the Nomads. And with the Assyrians and also the Egyptians mixing with the Nomads had genetically shut down the 'contact' with the Star Trinity, and this further deteriorated the Atlantean Spirit connection and high spiritual awarness.........and the evolution of the new man who will be partecipating in the Galactic federation of our star system.................

According to the Akashic records the descendants of Noah who ended up in the region where the Summerian culture later came. Are of Noah's descendants who in particularly brought with them the spiritual science and the tribal knowledge format, which by the time of the final cataclysms of Atlantis, were taught to the innermost priests and priestesses orders of the Temples of Atlantis on the Atlantean Isle of Ruta.

The people ,who migrated to the region of Ur, were led by Noah's daughter Innatu-Na. Historically, she had been greatly misinterpreted as the Goddess 'Inanna' due to the mistranslation of the ancient texts, and to the later influence of the Nomadic tribes myths on the original stories. She was the actual Priestess-Queen who established Ur. It is important to understand that those of the Atlantean Race had a long life span. Noah was nearly 500 in Earth's present count before he died. Therefore, born after the flood, his daughter was still in her middle years when the journey from Mount Ararat to Ur in Iraq took place.

Since the time of Abraham no one has been genetically pure, that is, in the sense of being free of Nephlimic components. All world races in the present times hold Nephlimic genetics and Nephlimic consciousness.

To put all the above from the biblical prespectaive of Genesis (6:1-4):
"Mankind began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them. The sons of the gods saw that the daughters of man were fair, and they took wives for themselves from all the ones they chose. Yahweh said: 'My spirit shall never approach man; he is weak, flesh, and his days are hundred and twenty years. The Nephilim were on the Earth in those days. Again after that, the sons of the gods came in to the daughters of man, and they bore them children; those are the Gebor folk...'' Genesis (6:1-4)

And it is very important to note that after the Nephilim mix with mankind and in order to aid the human race and stave off the fate of their annihilation by wars and destruction among them selfs from the Nephilimic Consciousness grip, the Seraphim began to selectively interbreed with the human race. .......”I call this operation the additions of H”

From the Record of Thoth, writen by Rev. Maia Nartoomid: "The Seraphim entered into a holy sacrament with Earth's kind, through which they communed at the deepest levels of heart resonance with the human race. Therefore their breeding was done in sacred act through spiritual intercourse, which was a far more Light-engendered process in that age than it is currently on the surface of the Earth. In the greater sense of its meaning, they engaged in an Immaculate Conception with the earthen ones, and in that gesture of compassion for their plight, created a grail nesting in the heart of the human race that is still present in the blueprint of human design, albeit seldom evident in the manifest human condition at this time."

By that time, the Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures were no longer pure as they had been all mixed with the Niphilim of the Nomads, a fact which had started their journey down with regards to their spiritualized consciousness. Yet they were, for the most part, highly moral people who astringently adhered to the morals of their age..

From the Record of Thoth, writen by Rev. Maia Nartoomid:
''The human race has 38 genetic strands holding stellar information within the human etheric genetics or para-genetics. Only 30 of these strands have nested in the descended Earth through the 30 Spirit Tribes. The remaining 8 strands compose the stellar configuration of soul frequency bandwidth involved in the higher evolution of this planet, which continue to exist in advanced DNA templates of the Adam as in such beings as Melchizedek “Alkhader” of Atlantis.

Noah Tribes

Rock Rock-drawings of the Ibex from the Thamudic era, 3000 BC; similar inscriptions are found in Biedah near Petra. Such inscriptions are abundant in the area west of the Arabian Peninsula, which is the home of the wild mountain goat or the 'Ibex'