The Positive Programming Over The Middle East
The seven cities were located at the meeting places of the different spiritual energies of the Sun rays and by the magnetic Aura of the Earth plane.

From the Keys of Enoch by J.J.Hurtak:
''The Great Pyramid is built on a certain spot on Earth were certain energies meet and cause vortices. They are the meeting place of the Earth's magnetic field areas and the Sun's Solar Flares. These points connected with each other on Earth through a Magnetic Grid. These magnetic grids and patterns (Subgrids) are used by the CREATOR for programming and controlling individual intelligence. They are like micro waves signals used by modern man communications or T.V. broadcasting. The Pleiades, in the constellation Taurus, the Pleiades is the magnetic grids supplier which uses the Great Pyramid as star point for this consciousness force which also work with other time warp areas on the planet mainly were Earth's magnetic field and point of solar flares.''

The Atlantean scientists located and laid the cities upon a very specific distances between the different cities along one accurate straight North-South line, such accuracy could only be seen in the alignment of the pyramids of Egypt. The distances between the cities were also governed by numerical values associated with the earth chakra doctrine. The location of the lowest point of the 7 cities and the and the angle and direction of the well shaft of the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid has also been suggested by many Kabbalist, mystics and Rosicrucians. The great masonic secret is the number that is associated with the Great Pyramid shaft in relation with the city of Bethlehem. A number that has been referred to also as the "Christ Angle" and the value is 26 degree. They are all part of a timepiece calculations showing the  division of space in the immediate universe into two directions or two double quadrants. It also show the shifting in the rays and primodial elements and much more.

The above drawing of the ancient Monerah labyrinth which lies upon the land of the middle East. Below is the list of the seven cities from south to north and their correlation to the human chakra system:

Bethlehem ''Beit Lahm'':
The city of Bethlehem area (within 3-4 km radius) correlates to the Root or Base Chakra in the human body. The qualities of this area is related to will, power, and drive. It is connected with vitality, initiative, and thrust. It is a very dynamic energy that influences the inhabitants to be very direct and intensely focused. This point's lower aspect influences people to become extremely hard or harsh and angry. This area embodies a lot of fear.

The relation of the geographical location of the city of Bethlehem and the geographical location of the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt has been suggested by many Kabbalist and mystics. This relation has been also been suggested by the angle and direction of the well shaft with the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid which points towards the town of Bethlehem. This Great Pyramid shaft relation with the city of Bethlehem has been referred to as the "Christ Angle" of 26 degree 18' 9.7'' by J.J.Hurtak in his book 'The Keys of Enoch'.

Jerusalem -
Correlates to the Sacral Chakra in the human body. It deals with the integration of the two opposite energies: the Left-Right, or East-West. It also holds some of the more primitive emotions. This chakra is connected to the unconscious. Deep in the unconscious humans will process a lot of their shadows, their dark sides. This point was designed by the Atlanteans to energetically help the mass consciousness in processing their human shadows. (Jerusalem sacral Chakra)  

Beth-EL -"House of God"
Correlates to the Solar Plexus in the human body. The qualities of the Solar Plexus Chakra are intention, motivation, strength, and courage. So for quite some time, this area has embodied these energies. (Beth-EL)

 Mount Gerizim -''Shechem'' Nablus:
Mount Gerizim is the geophysical pyramid that correlates to the Heart Chakra in the human body. Mount Gerizim is the emanation point of this energy. There the energy of the heart, of 'wisdom and love' emanates. The original ancient design for this location was the 'deep intense blue colour'. This color or energy embodies the Divine quality of love, and the desire for pure knowledge and absolute truth. This point have to do also with intuition. This intuition was suppose to lead to a progressive understanding of God in our world and it was suppose to enhance the development of pure knowledge and pure reason. But when the people became lead by their lower ego (during the past 6000 years) to interpret reality rather than the soul or the spiritual attitude system, then they become lost in illusion. Illusion became demonstrated by the inhabitance of this area by wrong perception, wrong interpretation, wrong integration and wrong direction. (Nablus/Shechem)

Jenin ''Gannim'' :
Correlates to the Throat Chakra in the human body. The light emanation of this ray, when governed by the higher aspect creates harmony. Yet when governed by the lower aspect, conflict, struggle and havoc occur.

Afoula :
Correlates with the Third Eye Chakra. The light emanation or ray of this point influences people to be philosophers or metaphysicians. When governed by the lower self they have the potential of trying to make everyone partake of their own perceptions. It then induces coldness, isolation, absent mindedness, and selfishness.

Nazareth :
Correlates to the Crown Chakra. This ray helps to integrate heaven and earth, and to ground spirituality into the physical material world. The Hebrew word for Nazareth means a flower and this flower is usually referred to as the lily. Both the rose and the lily refer to the awakening of certain centers of spiritual power within the body. (Nazareth Crown Chakra Meridian)

The Monerah grid can been seen as an astrophysical sites or points of contact or intersections with non-physical intelligence. 

From the Keys of Enoch by J.J.Hurtak: Key 2-1-5

No. 18 “Thus, when the key speaks of the three stars, they are representing the Magnetic star grids for the geophysical, the mental, and the spiritual forces encirling the planet which are used by the “Orders of Light”, in a synchrosimilarity, to implant knowledge to the world intelligence.” 

Few points from the Keys of Enoch by J.J.Hurtak: Key 2-1-5
Keys to the science of the past are given in “The Desert”

“Key number fifteen tells the Children of Light to look at the ancient megalithic sites at Teotihuacan, Palenque, Tiahuanaco, The Tarim Basin, Stonhenge, the Great Pyramid, and the Sea of Galilee to see the round numbers, the calculations of star mathematics which are part of the greater astrophysical geometry.

These and other astrophysical sites are points of contact wit the greater universes, which show our part of the chiliocosm –– our part of the collective interplay of a thousand plus universes intersecting with categories of both physical and non-physical intelligence.

These round numbers show when the Lords of Light come down from the heavens of the chiliocosm to interact with the peoples of the Earth. 

All of these sites are “the centers” used to calculate the horizon of the Earth in relationship to the chiliocosm of the greater universe.

These places were also used by the Lords of Light to encode an initiate the races of the world. And those who encoded these races will once again return to ingather their “remnant seed.” 

Yet, these sites do not, in all instances, indicate where the Lords of Light will return because some of these sacred places mark the exit regions where the righteous have already been removed from the earth in previous cycles.

Therefore, these are time-pieces containing star mathematics, but they cannot be completely understood by man without scriptures which reveal specific events on earth and in space that man must key into. Until he does, he cannot understand the specifics of the timepiece calendars in stone.

Man’s problem has been that he has tried to encompass the many heavens into his conception of the millennium, without the greater understanding of how Isaiah’s words will be fulfilled when the Earth itself completely transposed into the “new heavens.” It is not a question of heaven “coming” to Earth, but Earth being transposed into the many heavens –– the chiliocosm.

Therefore, when man can understand the chiliocosm, then he can move out of the imprisonment of being within his linear concept of the millennium which, in his reality remains in an unopened thousand-year cosm of static space. As long as man remains in his dead space as a host t linear time, he cannot have creative correspondence with the Lords of Light who desire interconnect with him.

Moreover, these star grids intersect to form cosms of time arcs which, in turn, can be used to change quantum events such as wars, destruction of pieces, etc. The use of these grids with various levels of mental vibration allows Man to use the power of telethought communication in targeting information to global points within fractions of seconds.

With this communication the psi grids of mental communication throughout the planet can be altered and new resonance patterns can be created to replace levels of negation.

These grids are also incarnation grids which are part of a lattice network of spiritual embodiment throughout our local universe.

Enoch explained to me that these are the places where the higher incarnations take place. These areas are controlled by the ‘Magnetism of the spheres’ which places a final magnetic blueprint on biograviton life structures. In other words, these structures are biological “energy-packets” seed along the Magnetic arcs of intersection of a given planet.

These grids allow for greater degrees of creative genius to be incarnated. A careful study of certain Magnetic grid alignments in the Near East will reveal the “foot-prints” of prophetic work manifested between Egypt--Israel -Syria. 

Enoch explained that Holly Lands and Tibet are equivalent to the brain centers in the left and right hemispheres of the planetary mind. They are the places which have had highest prophetic incarnations (during this present cycle), which is why these two incarnation points have been under continual persecution by the forces of darkness on the higher planes.

Yet, these energy centers have remained sensitized to the patterns of direct intervention controlled by the Order of Melchizedek, even though the forces of darkness have sought to destroy the scriptures of Light, and to control the incarnations of the Lords of Light so that they can gain control of the “high” and “low” places of the energy harmonics of the earth. 

Thus, the forces of Melchizedek are in control of the initiation points in the Tarim Basin and the “timepieces” of the Great Pyramid aligned with the energy grid beneath Megiddo.

Masters of Light previously have incarnated in India, Mesoamerica, and South America in previous cycles such as Hamsa, Dharmasetu, Yogesvara, Quetzalcoatl, Ill Viracocha, etc.: however, the present codes for superspecies programs (in terms of proton-precession frequencies) have been placed in Tibet and Holy Lands.

Other round numbers of where “Melchizedek has reigned” are revealed as stone calendars at Stonehenge and Woodhenge in Great Britain, and at Rujum Al-Hiri east of the Sea of Galilee. This computer by the Sea of Galilee demonstrates how two calculator spheres operate like a digital computer.

Many of these megalithic sites are aligned with specific star grids. Sirius, Orion, and the Pleiades were often used by the priest scientists of previous cycles for their trigonometric calculations.

However, the most important grid structure for present program is the copper grid structure underneath Megiddo which is aligned with Mount Tabor and Jerusalem. This is the timepiece for the great Pyramid.

Megiddo will reveal the underground network of Holy Lands at the central focus for uniting the harmonics of the consciousness grids of the planet. this will allow for different combinations of spiritual energy converge in one sympathic pulse, in the awakening of the planet.

Yet, we cannot speak of the round numbers without mentioning the Great Pyramid, the most precise grid of sacred geometries ever coded in stone.

Contained within the Great Pyramid are numerous codes pertinent to the interrelationships of man with the planet, the solar system, and the entirety of the galaxy.

However, in discussing the various interconnecting grid formations, one of these codes stands out –– the measurement of the “Christ angle.” The “Christ angle” is formed by the intersection of the First Ascending Passage with the Queen’s Chamber Floor Level or the Level of the Summit of the Well Shaft. The angle that is formed is 26 degree 18' 9.7''.

The continuation of this angle eastward, from the Great Pyramid, points to the town of Bethlehem, giving the precise angle of how birth, death and resurrection are fused together.

Bethlehem represents the points of incarnation which is connected with the whole drama of the human race’s collective initiation into the Pyramid. This demonstrates the unique balance of this evolutionary cycle of Man proceeding from the Well Shaft “like water being drawn out of a well” flowing eastward towards Bethlehem.

Therefore, the round numbers are timepiece calculations showing: (1) the foundations between the heavens and the earth; (2) the temporalization of the world into ages; (3) the shifting and re-cycling of primordial elements; (4) the division of space in the immediate universe into quadrants or directions; and (5) concept of perpetual struggle in the lower planetary worlds as the framework in which cosmic events can occur and be understood by man.”

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*Written by Rami Sajdi, Copyright © Rami Sajdi 2003 All Rights Reserved