The Relationship of Nature Spirits and Devas to the Crystalline Mineral Structure and Plant kingdom

Nature or Neutral spirits are souls, or human forms, or human personalities, that have become progressive within their elements to the level of luminosity, and can partake and blend totally with the environment and with nature. Their reality is based on the vibrations emitted constantly on the molecular level of various essences of gemstones and flowers that they tend to. They can not maintain their level of existence without the essence of certain gemstones and plant structures. The Devas in their existence are electromagnetic beings, and the actual essence they obtain is the electromagnetic pattern of the GEMSTONE & PLANT FORM.

(Left)-The Pistacio Atlantica tree (Terebinth) is believed to be the Linden tree that grew by the side of the Oak that was inhabited by the good aged couple ''Philemon and Baukis'' after death in Greek mythology. Terebinth trees served as sites for worship, and burying places for the respected dead. 

When the original fall from spirit took place there came into the system of society unique beings known as Elves, Devas, and other various beings of light who have come to be known mythologically as fairies. The influence of these beings progressed from the minerals to the plants and they were even, for a time, considered as demigods by certain nature cultures.

Many of the demigods were mythological, half-animal and half-human, creatures that actually existed on the physical plane. But they became extinct, as have many species. Their patterns still remain as the basis of thought forms on various planes of existence. Man relied on his memory of these thought forms to create various aspects of God within the mythos or pantheon of Gods such as existed in different pagan orders.

(Right)- Shikkeron (Henbane), or ''Sekaran in Bedouin'', the rich mineral crystalline structure rocks are the habitat of the most medicinal Henbane. The plant contains potent alkaloids that are also used as a narcotic substance in medicine.

Ages ago during Atlantis many evolved souls made a conscious choice not to incarnate upon this plane. The number of those nature spirits increased dramatically with the physical destruction of Atlantis. Many souls who had lived physical lives in Atlantis had not yet evolved to a point in which they could permanently return to the higher planes. They settled into the Devic realm, which is an ethereal dimension faster than the speed of light. To continue residing in this dimension and to maintain their ethereal bodies, it was necessary for them to assimilate vibrational energies emitted by various Gemstones, Trees, and Plants. Specific nature spirit-orders attached themselves to various GEMSTONES and PLANT FORMS.

The relationship of nature spirits to minerals gave rise to legends about beings of the Devic and fairy kingdoms occupying places beneath the ground and dwelling in places of the mineral kingdom, such as in the crystal caves of Petra. The caves were used for thought amplification, to allow for the foundation of communication between the two realms or races.

Mineral veins with various colorings are clearly shown in
the crystalline rocks of Petra as in the above photo

 This type of communication was passed on through various nature religions. Some people went to worship in areas where there were many mineral deposits, often underground and unknown. At these places there were soul groups who, having occupied the level of demigods, acted as a collective focus, as one consciousness. At times they were represented as Pan and Eros or other mythological creatures.

The thought forms of Pan and other mythological half-beasts came into a point of focus through the minerals and crystalline structures, accumulating orgone and attuning to the energy of the collective populace. These beings then manifested in material form, although they were really ethereal. The crystalline deposits were able to generate a holographic projection.

(Left) Empty crystalline structure rocks with the various mineral vein-colourings in a cave in Petra that was once occupied by the Nabateans. When these caves were abandoned the residue of the negative thought forms of many individuals remained in them. Many of the mythologies of demons, particularly amongst the Arabs, originated from the half-life of thought forms associated with uncleansed mineral and crystalline structure of such caves. The Story of the Giant Horse and Djinn in Petra

The Historical, Spiritual and Religious Use of Gemstones:
 Gemstones were used in combination with meditative practices and procedures that were meant to stimulate and open the Chakras. Having done so, the individual would then be more open to the channelling state or ''the alignment of consciousness with higher sources''. This is accomplished by opening the Chakras through various techniques, such as wearing gemstones while in a deep meditative state. Often individuals entered special crystalline caves or chambers with walls of crystalline structure, usually prepared for such meditations. This made it easier for the individual to shift from the mental consciousness to the higher psychic centers.

(Right) Um Salamís necklace of bone, stone, amber, agate, mother of pearl, fossils, glass, faience, wood, and plastic beads. Um Salam is from ''the Hiewaat tribe'' of Wadi Arabah.

The focus on gemstones was not due to their attractive appearance, but because gemstones possessed qualities that had a direct impact upon the different levels of man's consciousness. This was always considered to be highly important in various holistic and integrated societies that believed in the combined principles of mind, body, and spirit. These concepts were not based upon superstition, but upon intuitive knowledge.

It is known that gemstones were used for thousands of yeas in various historical civilizations such as in Egypt and Babylon, also among the Aztecs, Mayans, Hebrews, Chinese, and many others. The written and oral traditions of these cultures was known to their Shamanic practitioners, not just among the priesthood.

As Shamans developed in most later cultures many diversified forms of gemstone healing also developed, such as their use in dowsing and for cleansing the Chakras, as well as for Alchemical uses, and homeopathic applications.

The historical religious use of gemstones:
In order to understand the origins of the religious significance of gemstones one must first understand their purposes, and the ways in which they were used in Lemuria and Atlantis. Gemstones not only had healing qualities attributed to them due to their religious significance, but these attributes of religious significance evolved because of the specific application of the gemstones to the higher technologies, and to the higher growth processes present in Lemuria and Atlantis. Gemstones were at the time fully integrated into society and were highly functional as part of the social and technological formats. Even though there had been radical forces altering individual lifestyles and offering new opportunities, so were gemstones, in their own right, functioning among the cornerstones of the Lemurian and Atlantean technologies. These stones were used for enhancing consciousness that brought about self-actualizing behavioral patterns within individuals. They were, for example, used in healing, and they were used in developing technologies that produced sources of electric power. All these benefits served to contribute to the social framework of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The various religions that developed throughout the diverse areas of the world became repositories of knowledge that was contained within the Lemurian and Atlantean technologies. Gemstones occupied a unique position among all these religious schools of thought. They were considered critical in maintaining a high level of consciousness, or in achieving the level of consciousness necessary to ascend through the hierarchy of the priesthood, or through the hierarchy of the social framework of various religious cultures.

Some of these cultures lost the intellectual knowledge specifically attributed to individual stones. They developed elaborate rituals centered on the properties of the stones. The actual existing properties of the stones were occasionally activated through elaborate rituals and initiation practices. As sacred properties became attributed to certain gemstones the stones became the central points of worship. To many, they became like idols. In an attempt to communicate to future generations the properties of these gemstones, individuals attempted to express symbolically the properties of the stones and metals. This was done amongst more primitive people. Using gemstones was an intuitive art practiced as one more form of superstition.

Other cultures maintained highly intuitive faculties concerning the properties of various stones, and indeed were able to organize this information if not completely into a science, at least into a system of medicine. This occurred amongst the Hebrews, the Bedouins, the Red Indian tribes, Mound Builders, Nabateans, and the tribes of Africa and Australia. The stones were assimilated into a system of medicine that was not only activated spontaneously, but that also aided in treating specific conditions. This was the final preparatory stage for their re-translation into a complete science.

Certain other cultures continued to maintain that on the level of a science, knowing their attributes to be totally factual, even though sometimes the stones were LINKED TO CERTAIN DEITIES. It was usually known amongst operative priesthood of these cultures that the attributes were indeed contained within the stones and that the deity involved represented only a facet of the self. This occurred amongst the Babylonians, Egyptian, Greeks, Hebrews, Nabateans, as among other oriental races.

There were always individuals in various societies who rediscovered these principles independently of the mainstream knowledge of their people. This occurred particularly amongst individuals of the Judaic faith, especially amongst the ESSENES.

The attributes of gemstones allowed certain tribes or cultures to obtain unique positions in society. These individuals then claimed that they held the powers of certain deities who had sanctified them to form or to be at the head of a specific religious movement or priesthood. This greatly impressed their people. The knowledge of how to activate and use gemstones was often passed on quietly from generation to generation within set families. Thus it was the use of a highly centralized technology, and a claim to specific knowledge, and the fact that the stones worked, that gave them religious significance. It is more important to understand the history of how gemstones were used in religion than to believe that the stones have any particular religious significance.

Chain including amber, red coral, amazon stone, various shells, silver, silk, glass, from the late 19th century. This chain weighs 1.6 kg, was owned by a holy man, and was thought to have magical powers. Saints lend such chains to women who have been unable to have children. The women wear them until they become pregnant.