Understanding the Sagittarian-Osirian Archetype

Understanding the Sagittarius Mythology

The center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, lies in the direction of Sagittarius. It is believed to be about 29,000 light years away from us. The Sun orbits around the Milky Way once every 200 million years at a speed of 220 kilometers per second! What is at the center of the galaxy? No one really knows yet, but it appears that there might be a giant black hole there with a mass about a million times greater that the Sun.

Sagittarius has a muddled history. In ancient times the asterism of three bright stars in a curved line was seen as a bow to some, leading both Greek and Roman writers to confuse the constellation with Centaurus. This constellation (in part) represents Cheiron, the king of the Centaurs. Sagittarius is also half-man, half-beast, said by some to have been placed in the heavens to guide the Argonauts in their travels.

It was the Romans who named the constellation Sagittarius ("sagitta" is Latin for `arrow'), although several stars carry Arabic names which identify just which portion of the constellation they represent: Alpha Sagittarii is named "Rukbat" (Rukbat al Rami = Archer's knee), and beta Sgr is "Arkab" (Tendon). The bow is outlined by three stars: Lambda Sgr: "Kaus Borealis" = the northern (part of the) bow; Delta Sgr: "Kaus Meridionalis" = the middle (part of the) bow; Epsilon Sgr: "Kaus Australis" = the southern (part of the) bow. The arrow tip is gamma Sgr ("Al Nasl" = the point).

While the asterism of the bow is quite apparent, it takes some imagination to see the half-man, half-beast pulling back on the string. Perhaps it helps to know that zeta Sagittarii is named "Ascella" (the armpit of the archer), while nu Sgr is "Ain al Rami": The Eye of the Archer.

The figure of half man and half horse (Centaur) symbolizes the divine spirit in the animal-man aspiring towards potential godhood. Sagittarius is the sign of transition and of transmutation. The spiritualized mind is the characteristic of the Sagittarian archetype.

The below once living Sagittarians are all holders of the Osirian's Higher Intelligence Consciousness, they are main carriers of the Grail Consciousness on the planet, holding specific Adamic Codes within the genetic database of the planetary consciousness. :

Petrian the Atlantian of Petra
Joseph Ben Jacob
Akhnaton Ben Umran
Hiram Abif
Alii Xander the Great
Alii Ben Aby Taleb

Each soul of the above ''Culture Holders'' leaves an active residue of spiritual power which penetrates the land in which it once flourished. The soul and the culture in which it once lived have their own dynamic force that affects history one way or another.

Within their Cultures they become what is called Culture Holders, they act as guardians for their archetypal form. All of the Culturesí souls are still interactive, holding an ancestral blood-consciousness memory seeding program, which also holds genetic vibration information which will be used to help humanity move into a higher level of reality.

The Sagittarius Archetype springs from ''The Serapis Archetypal Energy Consciousness'', the indwelling principality of this planet's Higher Intelligence Male pillar, and one of the ''Three Earth Crown Archetypes.''

''The major central control pyramid of light in our local universe is Sagittarius''

End Note:
*The major Access and Facilitator for the Sagittarian pyramid of light in our local universe is Orion and thus the double archtype, the Sagittarian-Osirian ''

*Written by Rami Sajdi, Copyright © Rami Sajdi 2003 All Rights Reserved