Principles of Channelling
Through the ages and into the present, political, economic, social and spiritual leaders have drawn guidance and technological information from channelled sources. While it is not easy to prove this, information is available concerning this process.

    Among the early nature cultures, the Mayan, the Aztecs, and the Hopi benefited from channelled wisdom. Even those organized into city-states received such guidance, particularly the Persians, the Sumerians, the Greeks, and the Romans. Continuing into modern times, evidence of channelling occurs in such movements as mesmerism, spiritualism, theosophy, and the exploration into altered states of consciousness, such as isolation tank therapies, hypnosis, and the examination of what has come to be known as the 'living death' experience. In ancient times, perhaps the most famous and noted example of trance channelling was the Delphic oracle. For many hundreds of years these teachings were attributed to a portion of the mythos, but reference to channelling through oracles have been made by Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates. Each, at times, specifically referred to a small, still voice that was not from their own functioning consciousness, but was an independent consciousness from which they not only received ideas or even inspiration but entire theses and discourses. These teachings have become the basis of western principles and laws.

    There are also Hebrew texts in which the prophets of old spoke of falling into trance-like or dream-like states and of receiving information, Trance channelling was fairly common among the ancient Israelis, especially the Essences, the Jewish sect into which Jesus was born. There are literally dozens of examples in the Bible in which the trance states is discussed. One has only to check in a Bible concordance for words like: dead, dream, fell, gifts of the spirit, sleep, trance and vision. For instance, in Acts Apostles 10:10 "He fell into a trance."; 11:05 "... and in a trance I saw a vision."; 22:17 "...even while I pray in the temple, I was in a trance..."; Revelations 1:17 "...and when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead."; and in Corinthians 2:14 "But the natural man receiveth not the things (gifts) of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned."

    In the past age, channels were treated wit great care and reverence. In Tibet, before the communists took over, not only did many monasteries have oracles or channels to provide spiritual and mundane advice, but the Dalai Lama had a state oracle to provide similar information. Heads of state such as the Pharaoh and Joseph's interpretation of the Pharaoh's dream and its prognostic qualities were from an altered state of consciousness similar to trance channelling. The destinies of nations were and still are influenced by such bodies of information

    In this age, when millions of people draw inscriptions from the channelled teachings of Edgar Cayce, Alice Bailey, Jane Roberts, The Urantia Book, the Course in Miracles, and the many teachings of theosophy, there is a growing understanding that spiritual and advanced technological information can be manifested in this fashion. CHannelled teachings is part of our spiritual heritage.

    Individuals such s Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Sir William Crookes, Sir Henry Cabot Lodge, and John D Rockefeller attributed inspiration and, at times, their scientific correlations to channelled sources. In the 20th century such influences are found with: Franklin D Roosevelt, the Kennedys, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, and Pierre Trudeau. These individuals were counseled by the following channels: Andrew Jackson Davis, Daniel Douglas Home, and Leonara Piper, Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner, Madame Blavatsky, Arthur Ford, and Jeane Dixon.

    Not only did President Lincoln invite Andrew Jackson Davis to the White House so that he could receive channelled information, but channelled information inspired him to sign the Emancipation Proclamation to end slavery. Moreover, when Lincoln visited New York City, he frequently visited Andrew Jackson Davis and other channels.

    Andrew Jackson Davis was one of the best known and most respected mystics and psychics in the United States during the latter part of the 1800'1 until his death in 1911. Some of his approximately thirty books appeared in forty-five editions. His spiritual writings comprised many topics including the seven planes of existence, mental and physical health, philosophy, physics, and the structure of a proper educational system. Like Edgar Cayce, he made statements that were later validated by orthodox science. To illustrate, in March, 1846, he described the existence of Neptune and Pluto, correctly naming the approximate mass of Neptune. This was several months before Neptune was actually discovered and many years before Pluto was observed for the first time in 1930.

    Winston Churchill and the British government relied on several psychics and astrologers during World War II. This was partly because Churchill realized that Hitler utilized such information, so the British wanted to apprehend the nature of the information Hitler received; but Churchill also had a personal belief in this field.

    Before his death in 1945, edgar Cayce did trance readings for Franklin D. Roosevelt in the White house and for other politicians in Washington. This is still known among some present day politicians in Washington. Arthur Ford and Jeane Dixon given readings to various members of the Kennedy family. Presidents Johnson and Nixon, and Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada. The United States government, along with other nations has quiet worked with channels to assist certain research projects. Newspaper columnist Jack Anderson several years ago stated that for years the United Sates government has quietly spent millions of dollars on parapsychological research.

    Other individuals weaving the tapestry of a knowledge yet to be wholly integrated into the manistream of society are members of the Findhom community, channeled informationthrough Uri Geller, Paolo Soleri, Buckminster Fuller, and Ram Dass. All these individuals experience altered states of consciousness during which they receive inspiration and higher teaching. In these years, channeled teachings will expand beyond the scientific and social fields into areas that will create the spiritual transformation of society. Alice Bailey, Jane Roberts, and Edgar Cayce expound this trend.

    Many important inventions have been channelled over the years. Thomas Edison received the light bulb, phonograph, and motion pictures from channelled information. The individual considered to have invented the mechanical linotype received inspiration from the teachings of Andrew Jackson Davis. Others received inspiration from Andrew Davis on improved concepts in the internal combustion engine. Inventions credited to Eli Whitney, including the cotton gin and the development of process to mass produce musket balls, were received from channelled sources. The same is true with the development of the winchester rifle by Oliver Winchester. In addition, Andrew Carneigie developed formulations for certain steel alloys from channelled guidance.

    Thomas Edison's keen interest in working with trance channels to support his inventions is fairly well known. For many years he attempted to develop a machine to communicate with souls on other planes of existence. In 1920, toward the end of his career, he openly discussed in an interview his interest in this field, stating that he had experimented with telepathy, clairvoyance, and interplane communication. Today numerous scientists, especially in medicine, study Edgar Cayce's trance channelled information to gain new insights. Several thousands physicians use the various remedies recommended by Edgar Cayce while he was in trance.

    Channelled information is neither positive nor negative, for in truth there is neither positive nor negative. Channelling is a tool that applied according to social to social formats, standards, and needs of the day. The acceptance or application of these teachings by incarnate individuals help determine the pattern or karmic activity on this plane.

    The cotton gin, for example, was used to remove seeds from cotton fibers. Its introduction placed pressure on southern institutions to end slavery, because this particular device made it economically infeasible. This, however, was an impersonal force entering into the experiential lives of individuals and the social and economic structures of the day. The key element to use the device for its benefits, was applied by choice. Nevertheless, it added strength to the argument that slavery should be abolished for humanitarian reasons.

    Another choice regarding the instrumentality of channelled knowledge was the winchester rifle. Again, this device was a tool of neither positive or negative nature. In the time period that it was presented, the dominant portion of the population, particularly the American Indians, were hunters who existed in a state of balance with nature, partaking of that which nature procreated. Since most were meat eaters, the rifle was but a more human way to supply the needs of many in those days. This particular instrument, however, was by choice used against humanity rather than to promote balance.

    The cotton gin and winchester rifle produced activity that created an understanding and relevancy to the karmic patterns of the day. It is our free will and choice as incarnate souls to determine how any new principles and devices are used or abused. Such choice is really a taste of our conscious growth.

    Traditionally, channelled information had a close attunement with the second ray of love and wisdom. The purpose of such teachings was to activate the soul and higher self. This is partly why the rational minds has difficulty understanding such material. In contrast, today (and in the coming years) much channelled information is now coming in a long the fifth ray, which provides technical and scientific data. Many now have the maturity and consciousness to study and supply this new material. Aside from my series of books, other channelled books that provide technical and scientific data include: Body Signs and Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore by Hilarion and The English Cabalah, Volume 1 and 2, by William Eisen.

    Trance channelling is the total setting aside of the consciousness of the self to allow for guidance from discarnate souls who have an identical social, karmic, spiritual, intellectual, and ethical path in coordination and agreement with certain individuals. In this process, complete bodies of information, often independent of the knowledge of the waking or functioning consciousness of the channel, come through. Individuals are often impressed by this phenomenon, as though it offers greater validation of the information, but this is not necessarily the case.

    In contrast, inspired or conscious channelling work through the conscious outpourings of the individuals. These channellings may be just as pure, in the sense that the inspiration merely correlates with the individuals conscious functioning attitudes. If the person calms himself and does not seek to imprint or interpret the information, then such information has similar degrees of clarity and validity. A person does trance channelling or inspirational channelling according to the lessons he needs to learn.

    There are several structures of information that may be received from various discarnate souls in a channelling relationship. There is usually a close karmic connection in the relationship between incarnate and discarnate beings, so generally, discarnate souls also serve as the spirit guides for the incarnate individual. Some of these guides provide this information as part of their own karmic growth experience, while other more evolved souls do this work to serve humanity. Many times entities who present information through trance channelling provide complex material based on teachings from former advanced cultures. This data has great relevancy for our present culture.

    Usually a trance channel has three to six guides. The number varies according to individual human needs. Greater areas of guidance or the personality itself may require a greater number of guides. But in some cases the individual's personality is so integrated that only one guide is needed.

    The full spectrum of human dynamics is often represented in a channel's guides. Sometimes those who give guidance are archetypal symbols necessary for the channel's growth. That which represents the Divine is often referred to as the individual's master teacher. The master teacher is not playing the role of leader so much as he or she integrates the necessary levels of energy to produce a coordinated pattern of personal development for the individuals involved in the process. The context of leadership is not very present in the concepts of the spirit. There are also joy guides that represent the individual's humor. In addition, there are guides to develop the practical elements of the personality. It can also be said that a guide represents a force coordinated with one of the main chakras, for the human personality can be divided according to the levels of the various chakras.

    Some guides stay in the background without actually speaking through a trance channel. This may be for several reasons: They cannot properly synchronize with the channel's physical body, there is not sufficient time because the physical body can be in trance for only limited time periods, or there is not the proper context or formate for their information to be well received. These guides, therefore, rather than a direct focalization of information, act more as a contributing factor.

    Depending on the type of questions, in certain complex research topics, other discarnate souls may be forward to give advice when the subject is one in which they have special expertise. Or such extra contributes may take place of a past-life relationship between the inquirer or the channel and the visiting discarnate soul. These contributions can, at times, make the process easier, and allow other souls the opportunity to serve.

    Often the person asking questions has had past-life connections with the channel and his spirit guides, particularly if the channellings continue for some time. At such times there tends to be a syntheses of information from the higher self of the channel and the inquirer. The inquirer acts as editor or focalizer by the nature of his or her questions. In this process, it is wise for the inquirer to have some technical background and knowledge in the areas of inquiry.

    There is also the higher self which, while not the akashic record, is a gathering of all the higher principles and experiences from past lives. These sources of information may be contacted and correlated to generate talents and keener insights into the individual's current karmic experiences. The higher self is distinct from the soul in that it is still a product of consciousness and mind relative to the earth plane. Thus the higher self is not the true self in the sense that the soul identity in its own right is the true self. When one extends to the levels of the higher self, either in the trance state or in semi-conscious altered states, the individual actually manifests all the higher capacities they can activate on this plane, independent of total merger with soul itself.

    The akashic records focus all records, all past deeds, and all things which are yet to be. These records are the central system of knowledge and experience throughout all the universes. They are, in part, the collective consciousness and focus of the higher self and baser self resulting from activities in this plane. The ability to do evolved trance or inspirational channelling means activating one's memory to the level of the superconsciousness, which then has access to the akashic records.

    You can tell if someone is channelling information from his or her higher or lower self by examining how you feel during and after the channelling. Study karma of the of the individual, above all his or her growth, to determine if the information may be considered self-serving or if it is altruistic in nature and in harmony with the self. If it is entirely of a self-serving nature, then this comes from the baser self or the subconscious mind forces. If it comes from the higher self, it is altruistic. The subconscious mind contains both positive and negative or suppressed experience, while the superconscious level, although having aspects and knowledge of that which is considered past negative experience, hold only higher spiritual principles.

    Usually, the higher self, in more advanced forms of trance channelling, acts as the trance channel's controller and is the screen through which the entities communicate. This is why it is not really necessary for such trance channels to have other forms of psychic protection. When channelling from the higher self, one does not have to worry about lower astral plane entities or wrong information. Edgar Cayce was such a channel. In other forms of trance channelling, it would be wise for the individual to surround himself with pure light and the Christ principle.

    Just because someone has discarnate souls speaking through them does not automatically mean they have access to universal wisdom from the higher planes. Sometimes channelled information can come from mischievous souls on the lower astral planes or from the lower subconscious mind of the channel. One should exercise normal precautions in this form of parapsychology, as in all matters. Carefully examine what you experience as to the quality of the channelled information, and the level of consciousness the channel seems to manifest.

    In past years, many channels did indeed bring through information from the lower astral planes or from the lower subconscious mind. While this still place, in this age more and more conscious and trance channels are now bringing through spiritual and technical teachings of great value from the highest spiritual planes with the aid of various ascended masters. This is a new trend of great importance that many do not yet understand.

    Even when the channel and guides are highly evolved, caution must be taken, for sometimes the advice is not sufficiently practical in terms of earthly physical realities. This is mainly because time on the higher planes is different from earth plane physical time. Thus it is relatively easy to give accurate and specific research information, while projected time-dependent events may actually take place at a time slightly different from that suggested. In addition, it is easier for evolved guides to provide highly accurate information of a technical or scientific nature than it is to provide accurate information concerning daily living conditions such as love relations and finances. Mundane conditions tend to involve free will and the ego; bringing through technical and spiritual information involves tapping into information that already exists on the higher planes and then finding a clear channel through which the material can be accurately presented.

    Sometimes, evolved guides bombard the channel with so much advice and information that it is beyond the capacity of that individual to assimilate it. This is partly because the present conditions on the planet require assistance from many on the physical plane, and there are not yet that many clear and capable channels available to aid in this transition. Moreover, it is not always easy for the ascended masters to fully account for the conditions of the earth plane. Many masters have never lived on a planet in the physical dimension. For instance, during the time of ancient Greece and Troy, various masters deliberately seed a number of evolved souls into that region to help developed a new civilization for the advancement of humanity. Many of these evolved individuals also had strong egos so that given the nature of the human condition, the Greek city state and Torjan wars followed. Of course, the ancient Greece civilization has played an important role in the development of western civilization, but partly because the higher forces did not fully account for the conditions of the physical plane the Greek experiment was only a partial success.

    It is very rare that channel presents spiritual or highly technical information that is 100 percent accurate. In most instances, really clear channels present such information at a 85-95 percent rate of accuracy, with 95 percent being the goal. This is because the higher forces do not want people to just sit back and read such information without activity applying it in their lives. Such teachings should be an inspiration that supplements the individual's insights, discoveries, and creativity. This is also why channelled information is often not complete. Individuals have the opportunity to supply the rest of the data on a particular research project. For instance, the full clinical range of each gem elixir and flower essence that I have presented has not been revealed. The rest of that material is left to researchers. John said that this research is 95 percent accurate, and all the main principles are 100 percent accurate.

    Some feel trance channels are emotionally unstable people because of their involvement in an unusual field. To the casual observer their behaviour may appear imbalanced. Some prominent scientists also appear unstable because they are likewise involved in an unusual filed. Social and religious criticisms and prejudices also may cause the channel to display greater states of anxiety. If the channel is emotionally stable, there is less likelihood that his or her personality will interfere with the channelled information. Channels should exercise normal discrimination for their physical health and emotional stability.

    The inquirer and channel should never declare the information received to be absolute, as though they have a unique source of information. In these days, many channels present valuable and valid information. There is no one source of information or truth. One type of channelling is not superior to another. The various types of channels merely allow individuals to learn different lessons and different states of consciousness.

    One trend we now see is that not only are channelled books today being read by millions of people, but there are now far more and conscious channels. This is really another aspect of the gradual opening of the right brain or intuitive, more feminine nature. It is wise for people to learn what actually is involved in the various types of channelling. That is why this appendix has been presented.

    Today there are many individuals and schools training people to become channels. Developing this natural ability that we all have should never be forced, and it if often wise to develop this ability by studying with a more experienced individual. It usually takes some time to become a clear channel for the higher forces because the physical takes awhile to transform into light to synchronize with the higher forces. As you radiate light, the personality moves into the background and the soul shines through. While it goes beyond the scope of this book to explain the full ramifications of channelling or to go into detail on how to develop such abilities, the following books will help the student in this area: A Guide For the Development of Mediumship by Harry Edwards; Cooperation With Spirit by David Spangler; Ethical ESP by Ann Ree Colton; Hints On Mediumistic Development by Ursula Roberts; How To Develop Your ESP Powers by Jane Roberts; The New Mediumship and Spiritual Unfoldment, Vol. 1 by Grace Cook, and Telephone Between Worlds by Jame Crenshaw. Several excellent books influenced by the teachings of Edgar Cayce include: Edgar Cayce On ESP edited by Doris Agee; Edgar Cayce On Religion and Psychic Experience edited by Ed Bro; Be Your Own Psychic by Patterson and Shelley; and Understand and Develop Your ESP by Dr. Thurston.

The above taken from the book: Gem Elixirs and Vibrational healing, Vol 1 (1985). Written by: Gurudas. Channeled through Kevin Ryerson -Cassandra press, Co.