Rami Sajdi has been studying the Bedouin Shamans among the Nomadic Bedouins of South Jordan for 22 years. His studies of certain Shamanic/Spirit Desert Plants provided him with a deep understanding of an ancient spiritual science that had been used in rituals and medicinal practices by many ancient cultures. He is noted for his speculations on the effect of certain alkoloidal plant used in religious rites by the early inhabitance of the Arabian Peninsula in the past. Author of Land Of The Noble Shepherds & Secrets Of The Desert Tribes

In 2005 he was an active committee member for proclaiming the region of Petra and Wadi Rum as cultural space for the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. He has held many photography exhibitions portraying Bedouin life and the wild beauty of southern Jordan. Rami is self-acclaimed specialist in Bedouin culture and Ethnobotany, especially the plants that were used for religious ceremonies in the region

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